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Warner Bros. 100th Birthday

Large crowd of attendees at the Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary celebration.

All of us here in the Warner Bros. Design Studio are honored to be a part of such a talented group of storytellers and were super excited to help the Studio lot get dressed up for its 100th Birthday! First we wrapped up the world famous Water Tower to show off the WB100 logo. Then we printed and replaced all 10 billboards that line Olive Ave. along with the 82’ animation billboard on the side. We dressed the storefronts along Midwest St. while also printing and hanging 14 40’ tall vertical banners from the facades. The celebration also included several “Step & Repeat” banners, a “signature wall” and assorted wayfinding signage throughout. Congratulations to all… here’s to the next 100 years!

Major League Baseball – All Star Week

Major League Baseball - All Star Week | Warner Bros. Design Studio

For All-Star week 2022 the Design Studio was tasked to manufacture all the signage and graphics at Dodgers Stadium. This included the bullpens, dugouts, retail areas and restaurants. From the 50ft tall billboards welcoming fans at the game to the All-Star logo created for a commercial shoot at Santa Monica Pier, we had all the bases covered.

Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery - Warner Bros. Design Studio

As part of the new Warner Bros. Discovery rebranding the Design Studio was tasked with updating the look of the iconic Water Tower and Stage 16 logos. The work spanned weeks and required the talents of the Metal shop, Sign and Scenic department and Paint. The WB Grip and Set lighting departments lent their expertise as well.

LA Screenings 2022

LA Screenings 2022 | Warner Bros. Design Studio

For this year’s LA Screenings Worldwide Television Marketing wanted something special so, we designed a 10ft aluminum Sunburst for the entrance of the event. The fixture was fabricated in the Metal Shop and painted by Scenic Art. Gold and Silver leafing were applied to ensure the structure would shine brilliantly and welcome attendees to the event in style. Window panels were also printed on Gold vinyl to add an extra spark!


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