We work in the entertainment industry and extends to the retail, hospitality, restaurant, exhibit, commercial & residential design communities. Our history of collaborating with production designers, art directors, conceptual artists, architects and environmental/interior/exhibit designers gives us a unique ability to bring your vision to reality. The Warner Bros. Design Studio combines the historic talents of the Hollywood crafts with today’s modern technology enabling seamless creative and fabrication services. From concept to completion we work with clients to manufacture an individual element or create an entire environment. Our custom capabilities include: signs, graphics, scenic art, cabinet & furniture, metal fabrication, architectural ornamentation, sculpting, drapery, upholstery, painted finishes, photo services, and much more.

Turning Imagination Into Reality.

4000 Warner Boulevard Burbank, 91522
Phone: 818.954.4430  |  Fax: 818.954.2806
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