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Warner Bros. Discovery Children’s Learning Center

The brand-new Warner Bros. Discovery Children’s Learning Center found us working with an amazing team that included members from Warner Bros. Corporate Real Estate, Bright Horizons, Warner Bros Discovery and more. 

 The Design Studio was tasked with creating a series of custom murals that would help identify key areas of interest throughout the facility. Iconic Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and a cast of other big names were incorporated into 7 environmental murals that welcome students and assure they are in the right place. This same approach was used for outdoor storage units in the play areas. An official Warner Bros. Stage pavilion was designed and constructed to create a safe place for students to act out their very own screenplays and share their stories.

The work required the many talents of our Design team, Metal Shop,  Sign & Scenic Art and the Paint department and included printing and installation of all the murals and ADA signage.

Lit Shield – Fabrication included bent and formed steel sheet welded can with direct printed lexan dimensional face, can custom painted WBD tones with UV protective outdoor seal. Custom LED panel for lighting.

Canopy Letters – Cut 2”thick High-Density Urethan sign foam, custom paint WBD colors. Custom metal plate with posts. Unit finished with UV Protective outdoor sealcoat.


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