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Warner Bros. Discovery

As part of the new Warner Bros. Discovery rebranding the Design Studio was tasked with updating the look of the iconic Water Tower and Stage 16 logos. The work spanned weeks and required the talents of the Metal shop, Sign and Scenic department and Paint. The WB Grip and Set lighting departments lent their expertise as well.
Warner Bros. Discovery - Warner Bros. Design Studio

The 25 foot tall Warner Bros. shield was painted entirely by hand.  This along with first sanding the entire surface and adding a brand new coat of “oatmeal” paint took a total of 5 weeks.

At 28 feet tall and weighing in at 5000 lbs., the world famous Warner Bros. shield replacement was a massive undertaking. Printed on translucent Panaflex™ material and containing thousands of lineal feet of LED lighting, the final installation required 2 large cranes.