Space Jam – A New Legacy

Every shop in the WB Design Studio contributed to the design and creation of this new exhibit in the AT&T Discovery Zone in Dallas. We also utilized expert talent found on the WB Lot including WB Construction, Grip & Set lighting to help bring the designs to life.

Rick and Morty “Mortymobile”

Rick and Morty "Mortymobile"

The WB Staff Shop sculpted a new wig on the Rick and Morty “Mortymobile” for an Adult Swim and Wendy’s marketing shoot. The project includes Paint and Graphics wrap.


TuneIn | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The Design Studio created 2″ HDU (High density urethane) foam walls that were CNC routed and 8″x8″ Standoff Prints for the San Fransisco offices of TuneIn. This will be the first of multiple locations to receive these treatments.

Clint Eastwood – A Cinematic Legacy

Clint Eastwood – A Cinematic Legacy | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The WB Design Studio collaborated with Malpaso Prods. and Clint Eastwood’s team on the design concept to create every aspect of this new exhibit. We partnered with The AT&T Discovery District to help celebrate this Hollywood icon – actor, producer, director, and master filmmaker.

WB Games

WB Games | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The WB Design Studio worked with WB Games to help remodel and refresh their work space. We created and installed Environmental graphics and signage in their offices here on the Lot in Burbank as well as San Fransisco, San Diego, Boston and New York.