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On The Record

On The Record | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The WB Design Studio worked with “On The Record” & MGM Grand in Las Vegas to design and fabricate the “OTR wall” that contains thousands of cassettes along with several speaker walls. The Metal shop even fabricated a classic British style Phone booth that was used and an entrance to the club.


HBO Max | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The Design Studio created and installed graphics and banners for the SJR Theater marquee, Courthouse and throughout the Backlot including wrapping the WB Water Tower.

Rampage: George

Rampage: George | Warner Bros. Design Studio

To create GEORGE this sculpted marketing piece for the film RAMPAGE the Design Studio enlisted the Staff, Metal and Scenic Art shops to bring this 16’ beast to life. The process involved a custom sculpt, metal bracing and scenic painting. The shops work as a team to devise the fabrication schedule, how to best craft for movement to various locations and then finally the scenic paint finish to enhance the realism.

John Reed Fitness

John Reed, which is owned by the same German-based company that now owns Gold’s Gym, has opened a 33,000-square-foot health club in Los Angeles as its first North American location. A Custom-built DJ booth Centerpiece and LED Tunnel were fabricated from scratch along with life-size sculptures and more.

Man of Steel Press Junket

Man of Steel Press Junket | Warner Bros. Design Studio

In collaboration with WB Special Events team, WBDS help create venue environments for the “Man of Steel” press junket on Stage 23. Work from the Design Studio included grand format digital prints for front and back lighting and individual images printed on aluminum panels.


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