Major League Baseball – All Star Week

Major League Baseball - All Star Week | Warner Bros. Design Studio

For All-Star week 2022 the Design Studio was tasked to manufacture all the signage and graphics at Dodgers Stadium. This included the bullpens, dugouts, retail areas and restaurants. From the 50ft tall billboards welcoming fans at the game to the All-Star logo created for a commercial shoot at Santa Monica Pier, we had all the bases covered.

The Flight Attendant Exhibit

The Flight Attendant Exhibit | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The Design Studio created and printed a 3D Model of a 747 which was used to make 2 silicone molds. The Staff Shop cast 100 miniature planes out of Fiberglass and the Paint Dept. along with Scenic Art finished the sanding, prepping and painting. The Metal Shop built and rigged the support structure and hung the planes. The Sign Shop built the platforms and printed the flooring and window graphics.

Peacemaker Exhibit

Peacemaker Exhibit | Warner Bros. Design Studio

Originally built for the HBO Max press junket, this awesome new exhibit will be on display in the new Tour Center building at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood through February. Project focus included LiDAR scanning and modeling of the space all the way through construction of custom-built display cases with LED lighting and Window graphics.

Rick and Morty “Mortymobile”

Rick and Morty "Mortymobile"

The WB Staff Shop sculpted a new wig on the Rick and Morty “Mortymobile” for an Adult Swim and Wendy’s marketing shoot. The project includes Paint and Graphics wrap.

On The Record

On The Record | Warner Bros. Design Studio

The WB Design Studio worked with “On The Record” & MGM Grand in Las Vegas to design and fabricate the “OTR wall” that contains thousands of cassettes along with several speaker walls. The Metal shop even fabricated a classic British style Phone booth that was used and an entrance to the club.