Finding Inspiration

The Warner Bros. Design Studio works with a range of creative clients from a production designer who brings in final drawings for finish fabrication to a corporation needing new conceptual branding options.

Many clients enjoy the collaborative process of visiting our shops, seeing the capabilities and then brainstorming with our creative to come up with design ideas. In these instances we use Inspiration Boards – a common industry tool. The Warner Bros. Design Studio team takes the information gathered from the client and crafts a presentation that includes images, color stories, material samples and, at times, elevations or renderings. These boards are the visual tool evoking mood, style and details assisting the client to identify the direction and giving us visual reference tools to create the ultimate custom project designs.


The ideation board above was developed for a client to show new and different flooring textures from, Vinyl applications, printed carpet, custom printed vinyl flooring and scenic paint. These are all applications that we can do here at the WB Design Studio.