Attractions & Events

LA Screenings 2018
DC Exhibit @ AT&T Shape Conference
DC Exhibit @AT&T Shape Conference
DC Collectibles Press Event @ Comic Con
DC Collectibles Press Event @Comic Con
LA Screenings 2017
Warner Bros. Entertainment Holiday Party
Warner Bros. Entertainment Holiday Party
LA Screenings 2016
LA Screenings 2016
Special Event on WB Backlot
Special Event on WB Backlot
Comic Con Exhibit
LA Screenings
Stage 48: Script to Screen
DC/WBTV Launch
The Hobbit: “Desolation of Smaug” Exhibit
”Happy Feet Two” Experience

Comic Con 2016 Event @ Hard Rock Hotel


Client: Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing


MDO printed panels with custom neon created for the LA Screenings were adapted with fabricated metal frames and casters for use at a special event during Comic Con 2015.  The WBTV Worldwide Marketing team contracted artists to create custom paintings highlighting some of the 2016 Fall television shows. The Warner Bros. Sign, Canvas and Cabinet & Furniture shops collaborated to fabricate special canvas frames for these on site paintings.


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